Chicken Meat & Egg Production

The production process from our integrated facilities to your tables consists of brooder cages, hatchery, growth cages, broiler cages, and our slaughterhouse. Our feed factory plays a crucial role in our integrated production.

Health starts with the first step of production

Broiler Breeder Facilities

The adventure of Kırnı Chicken arriving at your tables begins with the production of the eggs of the Ross 308, the leading species of the world in our breeding farms.

Our Kırnı broiler breeder plant has the monthly capacity to produce 3,000,000 hatching eggs.

Broiler Breeder Plant Capacity

Hatching Eggs per Month

Your health matters

Incubation Facilities

The chicks are produced in our Yılmazköy facilities with our professional team and the latest technology. During this process, while the most optimal conditions for the eggs are provided, the use of foreign products such as antibiotics, etc. is absolutely avoided.

Our Incubation facility has the monthly capacity to produce 1,000,000 chicks.

Incubation Facility Capacity

Incubator entry per Month

Your health matters

Broiler Facilities

The feed and drinking water, breathable air, humidity level, and lighting inside our broiler facilities are regulated and followed by agricultural engineers with the automated system. In our integrated production facility, the highest level of biosecurity measures is applied, maintaining the production of chicken meat from chickens intact from any contact with the outside world, therefore, unaffected from viral outbreaks such as bird flu.

Our Broiler Farm has the monthly capacity to produce 1,000,000 broiler chickens.

Broiler Facilities Capacity

Broiler chickens per Month

Healthy White Meat

Slaughterhouse and Distribution

The chickens raised in our farms are brought to the slaughterhouse, where they are tested in the laboratories by veterinary surgeons and food engineers. Following the approval by these specialists, chickens are processed without human touch, packed as whole or in parts, and prepared for distribution.

Slaughterhouse Capacity

Chicken slaughter per Month

Daily Fresh Eggs

Egg Production Facility

The high-quality, reasonably-priced eggs packaged in hygienic environments untouched by human hands are supplied to the market daily.

Our Egg Production Facility has the monthly capacity to produce 7,500,000 table eggs.

Egg Production Facility Capacity

Table egg per Month

Feed Industry

In the chicken production farms where an integrated system is adopted, our chickens are fed the high-quality feed produced in our own feed factory. Mustafa Hacıali Enterprises, the mother company of Kırnı Chickens reserves the market dominance in the animal feed industry with the same care and professional discipline.

In our feed factory feeds are produced in environments untouched using automated systems by means of R&D investments providing the most ideal rations.

Quality Standards

The family of Kırnı Chickens operates with a system that governs holistic quality management in order to provide exceptional quality and taste.

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