A Family Business,

The journey of Mr. Mustafa Hacıali started in 1966 where he started chicken breeding in Kırnı village and with the contributions of the following generation, this initiative has turned into Kırnı Chickens brand, the largest and most modern integrated chicken meat producer in North Cyprus. Today, Kırnı Chickens is a part of Mustafa Hacıali Enterprises and is being developed and managed with our founder and the new generations.

Kırnı Family

About Us

Kırnı family keeps up with the social, cultural, and scientific developments of our era with their innovative and entrepreneurial nature. Therefore, after 54 years of serving our society, Kırnı has reached to the point where they have currently been occupying the 85-90% of the chicken meat market in the country and have become the largest and the most modern chicken meat producer, also producing up to World (and European) standards as the leading exporters of North Cyprus.

Our Company is also very successful in other industries such as construction, property, agriculture, livestock breeding, and petrol under the roof of “Mustafa Hacıali Enterprises” and has been providing our society with reliable and quality service.

Kırnı Chickens

by Numbers

Northern Cyprus’ Largest and Most cutting-edge Integrated Chicken Production Company
Annual Chicken Slaughtering Capacity
Years of Experience
Annual Egg Production Capacity
Export to 5 Different Countries Globally

Healthy Production

Aims and Principles

Along with the awareness of the responsibilities for the society, Kırnı Chickens have adopted the principles of production with the sensibility to ethical values, animal welfare, and society. While aiming to carry out efficiency and profitability goals, the company has been exhibiting a customer-consumer focused understanding as well as emphasizing human resources and innovation. The company aims to establish superiority in the industry with its innovative philosophy based on knowledge and technology.


Kırnı Chickens products have been arriving at your table for 54 years.

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