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Animal Welfare

As the Kırnı Chickens family, our biggest responsibility within the production process is to produce reliable and quality food while maintaining animal welfare and provide a renewable production process.

Freedom from hunger and thirst

We offer continuous access to nutritionally complete 100% plant-based free from animal by-products.

Freedom from pain, injury and diseases

Growth without pain, injury, and diseases through prevention and rapid treatment with the help of our well-qualified experts.

Freedom from distress

Providing a living space with zero-tolerance policies for instances of animal abuse.

Freedom from discomfort

All poultry houses offer comfortable living space with state-of-the-art temperature control and natural lightning.

Monthly Production Capacities

Table egg
Hatching egg
Incubator entry
Broiler chickens
Chicken slaughter

Your Health Matters

Facts You Want to Know

Facts you want to know about chicken growth and the meat production process.

Key to Success

Kırnı Chickens


The production process from our integrated facilities to your tables is through broiler breeder facilities, incubation facilities, broiler facilities, and slaughterhouses. Our feed factory plays a crucial role in our integrated production.

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