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Facts You Want To Know

Facts you want to know about chicken growth and the meat production process.

Developmental Process of Chicken

The lifespan of commercial hybrid meat chickens (broilers) is generally 42 days, however, it varies depending on market conditions. It is important to know that each chicken breed has significantly differing growth, development and feed benefitting characteristics. Kırnı Chickens procures the hatching chicks from the Ross company which has a world-wide pioneering market capacity and are generally slaughtered within 42 days.

No Using Growth or Production Enhancing Materials

Another subject that raises concerns in the public is whether growth-enhancing materials, e.g hormones, are used during the production process or not. The truth is hormones and other growth-enhancing materials are never given to chickens in any way. In fact, the use of said materials is banned according to TC and EU laws.

100% plant-based diets free from animal by-products.

Our chickens are fed the most suitable rations consisting of plant-based products manufactured in our own feed factory. The use of any animal-based or chemical substance containing feed types is out of the question.

The living space of chickens

In accordance with animal welfare and efficient production, as the Kırnı Chickens family, it is among our important principles to maintain the number of animals per meter square and in doing so provide our chickens the living space with the movement freedom in European standards.

Kırnı Chickens


The production process from our integrated facilities to your tables consists of brooder cages, hatchery, growth cages, broiler cages, and our slaughterhouse. Our feed factory plays a crucial role in our integrated production.

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