Kırnı Chickens

Healthy White Meat

Holding the largest and the most modern integrated facility in Cyprus, Kırnı Chickens reaches a wide consumer base with its distribution channels spread all over the country along with the world recognition of exporting products to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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Togo & Congo

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Hong Kong

Kırnı Chickens Exportation

Chicken Meat Products

  • Our most frequently exported chicken meat products are listed below.
  • More variety of products can be exported upon request.

Kırnı Chickens Exportation

Egg Products

The high quality, reasonably-priced eggs packaged in hygienic environments untouched by human hands are supplied to the market daily.

Halal production

Freedom from Hunger & Thirst

No antibiotics ever

Freedom from pain, injury and diseases

No growth enhancing materials ever

Freedom from stress

Kırnı Chickens


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Kırnı Chickens Exportation