Kırnı Chickens considers acting with the awareness of corporate social responsibility in all of the activities as a part of the management understanding, honesty, respect for the human-animal, and the sincerity to society.

Sensibility for Sustainability

  • Producing ecological and sustainable ideas.
  • Taking a responsible approach.
  • Providing transparent communication flow.
  • Providing trustworthy relations with the customers.
  • Creating a respectful and appreciated working environment.

Statistical Data and Objectives

Kırnı Chickens Solar Panels Renewable Energy

As an admirable solution to pollution and scarce resources in the world, solar panels were installed in 2018 and as a result, the emission of CO2 has declined by 20%. Our goal is to reach an 80% emission level to reduce our carbon footprint by 2025.

Kırnı Chickens Recycled Packaging Less Carbon Footprint

100% of our egg packaging materials are obtained from recycled paper and plastic. Kırnı Chickens have been in cooperation with other companies for the recycling of the waste plastics used within the industry. Moreover, Our company has been constantly working on increasing recycling for a better future.

Kırnı Chickens Waste Management Manure Processing Facility

Poultry manure is one of the key fertilizers in organic and sustainable soil management. Raw manure obtained as a result of Kırnı Piliçleri activities will be examined to produce organic fertilizers, ready to be used as commercial fertilizers in the market by 2022. Properly managed manure applications recycle nutrients to crops, improve soil quality and protect water quality while allowing the industries to improve their waste management.

Kırnı Animal Welfare

Kırnı has embraced the philosophy of Animal Welfare in the production process.


Holding the largest and the most modern integrated facility in Cyprus, Kırnı Chickens reaches a wide consumer base with its distribution channels spread all over the country along with the world recognition of exporting products to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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