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Healthy Diet

Affordable, delicious, and healthy for all age groups.

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Healthy Diet

Benefits of Chicken Meat

Protein Source

100 grams of chicken meat contains; 21.8g proteins, 2.8g fat and 112 kcal calories.

Heart Friendly

Unlike other protein-containing meat-based food products, chicken consumption significantly reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases.

Vitamin Source

Chicken meat is a vitamin source for the healthy development of the body and keeping the immune system strong.

Easily Digested

Due to the fibers being shorter, chicken meat is easily digestible, unlike red meat.

Practical & Easy

Chicken meat is easily prepared and can be consumed hot or cold after being cooked.

Affordable & Tasty

Chicken meat is healthy for all age groups, economical and a tasty food source.

Eggs Nutrition Facts



Vitamin A

Vitamin B

Vitamin B12




Healthy Body

Benefits of Eggs

Brain Health

Eggs strengthen the cell membranes of brain cells and help them maintain their structure.

Sharp Eyesight

Eggs provide a sharp eyesight and keep it healthy. It helps in the prevention of eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration due to the two types of antioxidants it contains.

Raises Good Cholesterol

While causing the good cholesterol to rise, egg consumption reduces the risk of heart disease, paralysis, and other health problems. Consuming two eggs per day over a period of six weeks increases good cholesterol levels by 10%.

Strong Muscles

Eggs are rich in protein. Egg consumption helps the protection of the tissues, muscle growth, and maintain bone health.

Protects the Skin From Harmful Solar Rays

Due to the nutrients, it contains, eggs protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Regular egg consumption helps in the prevention of skin cancer by protecting the skin.

Vitamin D for the Bones

Eggs are a rich source of Vitamin D. While protecting the skin from harmful solar rays also helps in the protection of bones.

Kırnı Chickens

Production Process

Owning a fully integrated production system, Kırnı Chickens has adopted quality and reliable food production as a principle. In order to maintain this, the company operates with the same care and honesty at every step of production.

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