Kırnı Chickens

Quality Standards

The family of Kırnı Chickens operates with a system that governs holistic quality management in order to provide exceptional quality and taste.

Kırnı Chickens

Quality Management

  • The Board commitment for harmonization with the National and the European legislation.
  • Qualified staff, technology and R&D investments
  • Abiding with the international quality assurance and food safety standards
  • Strict control from poultry house to the point of sale

Kırnı Chickens

Certificates of Quality

Healthy Production

Our Standards

All stages of production of Kırnı Chickens bringing chicken meat to homes in Northern Cyprus and foreign countries are carried out under the supervision of veterinarians and engineers according to international ISO 9001 standards and HACCP principles. The ISO and HACCP audits of Kırnı Chicken are implemented with the routine by the independent corporations NQA and TSI.

Kırnı Chickens


Kırnı Chickens considers acting with the awareness of corporate social responsibility in all of the activities as a part of the management understanding, honesty, respect for the human-animal, and the sincerity to society.

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